"Why I like being a National Home Doctor"

Our National Home Doctors come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some are trained overseas, some live locally and some work as GPs during the day. Some are at the beginning of their careers, while others are semi-retired.

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Dr Natalie Caristo MBBS, BSc, FRACGP

Dr Caristo graduated from University of New South Wales in 2009. She worked in the hospital system for three years before joining a thriving General Practice in Sydney. She started to work with 13SICK after gaining Fellowship, and has been appointed Medical Director. 

Dr Caristo loves the work for the variety, but what she most loves is seeing patients in their homes and being part of the community. "I get a kick out of helping people in these situations because they do have a genuine need. We help families in really difficult situations. And they are so appreciative of what you do. It's almost addictive."



Dr Vishu Konda MBBS

Dr Konda trained and qualified as a doctor in India before emigrating to Australia 13 years ago. He worked in the public hospital system for 12 years, in multiple clinical areas, before deciding to join the GP training program. He pays for study and living by working as a National Home Doctor. 

“I love it,” says Dr Konda. “It’s flexible and it suits my lifestyle perfectly. It’s a good experience as I’m going to be a GP anyway, it leaves me free to study and prepare for exams during the daytime  - and it’s well paid,” he says.  


Dr Jomini Cheong MBBS, BPHARM, BCOM

Dr Chong graduated from medical school at the University of Melbourne in 2010 and is now training for his GP Fellowship. He is the immediate Past President of the General Practice Registrars Association (GPRA). Dr Chong works as a GP Registrar as well as in the after hours, and says he enjoys the variety of presentations he sees as a National Home Doctor. “The work can be surprising sometimes. This is one of the more rewarding aspects of the job. The demographic between the patients you see in the clinic during the day and those you see after hours is usually quite different too, which adds to the diversity of your experience, and makes for a better, more well-rounded Doctor." 


Dr Jonathan Bentley, MRACGP, DRACOG

Dr Jonathan Bentley has worked as a General Practitioner for more than 30 years, firstly in Melbourne and then in Sydney. Married with two grown children, Dr Bentley’s is particularly interested in health promotion, illness prevention and maintenance of well-being. He is also involved with teaching and training of Doctors at all levels, from medical students at Sydney University to presenting at local Doctors’ clinical meetings.

Dr Bentley has found renewed enthusiasm for medicine with his work as a National Home Doctor. He finds visiting patients at home particularly rewarding, noting that the old fashioned habit of house calls is disappearing from daytime practice. “Being trusted to be invited into a patient’s home is something very personal and rewarding,” he says. “And being able to see the medical condition in the context of a person’s home adds another dimension to the consultation.”