Photo of twins

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)

13SICK, National Home Doctor, is proud to partner with the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA), the leading support organisation for families with twins, triplets or more.

AMBA is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of multiple birth families who benefit from support, resources and education via families sharing the same unique journey. As the only national support organisation for families with twins, triplets or more in Australia, AMBA is recognised for their hands-on experience and knowledge, hence their motto being “Support from those who know”. 

Affiliated clubs across Australia provide support where it is most needed. Each club supports its members in their own unique way with the ultimate goal to be there for families when they need it most. Support comes in many forms: whether offering a playgroup or coffee morning for parents to take a break with other families experiencing the same challenges; producing a newsletter as a form of communication and resource; or offering information sessions such as antenatal evenings, parenting courses specifically aimed at parents with twins, triplets or more, or multiples-in-school evenings. 

With no paid staff, AMBA’s board and clubs are managed and operated by volunteer parents of multiples from all walks of life and experience. Formed in 1974, AMBA has been the national coordinating body of multiple birth associations throughout Australia for over 40 years.

AMBA is active in supporting families, increasing awareness of the unique needs of multiple birth families, improving the resources made available to them and producing and distributing literature on issues relating to multiples. AMBA currently has over 45 affiliated clubs with a membership base of approximately 4,000 families Australia-wide.