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As parents of school-age children know only too well, acute episodic illnesses (such as gastro, middle ear infections, croup etc.) can often occur in the after hours. Children with illnesses such as these need to see a doctor for urgent medical care, but if the family GP is closed, what do they do? That's when 13SICK, National Home Doctor can help.

Our team over 400 Doctors provide urgent medical care after hours to patients at home on weeknights, weekends and public holidays, 365 days a year. We are there when your child needs to see a doctor urgently, but your family GP is closed. Our Doctors carry starter packs of many common medications, so in many cases, treatment can start immediately. 

Following every home visit, a report is sent to the patient's GP the following day, so they are kept in the loop. 13SICK, National Home Doctor bulk bills all patients with a Medicare or Gold DVA card. 
Read more about how we care for patients in the after hours here.

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