Free information material for your school community

Many people in the community don't know about 13SICK, National Home Doctor and the great service we provide when GP Practices are closed. To help spread the word to your wider school community, especially for parents with young children, we have designed some information material for your school.

By putting up a poster and providing parents with a handy magnet to put on the fridge at home, you’ll help get the word out, and help allay some of the worry parents feel when their children are sick after hours.

Using the form below, just send us your details and choose what material you’d like us to send.

(Hot off the press is our handwashing poster, which reinforces the importance of hand hygiene in fighting the spread of infectious illness.)

Submit your form today and we’ll send you your materials right away, at no cost to you.

Flyer with magnet

Multilingual flyers

Multilingual flyers

Poster - general

Poster - hand washing

Brochure Holder

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