About 13SICK, National Home Doctor 

Every family should have a GP that they know and trust.  However, when you need urgent medical care, but your GP is closed, 13SICK, National Home Doctor can help. With more than 400 doctors in our team, 13SICK, National Home Doctor is Australia's largest network of home visiting doctors. Our Doctors treat patients with acute, episodic conditions (e.g. gastro, UTI, migraine, respiratory infections) on weeknights, weekends and public holidays. This year we will see more than 1 million patients at home and in aged care facilities.

We bulk bill all home visits for patients with a Medicare or Gold DVA card. Telehealth consultations may incur a $45.00 fee Monday to Friday between 6pm to 11pm and $60.00 from 11pm - 7am, Monday to Friday, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays if your General Practitioner does not subscribe to National Home Doctor and/or if you have not attended a face-to-face visit with your GP in the past 12-months. All Doctors carry a bag stocked with starter packs of common medications, so in many cases, patients can start treatment immediately. Following the home visit, we send a medical report to the patient’s GP the next day, ensuring continuity of care.

More GPs across Australia trust 13SICK, National Home Doctor to care for their patients in the after hours.  So, if you or a loved one needs to see a doctor urgently (and it’s not life-threatening), but your GP is closed, call 13SICK (that’s 13 7425) and save the hospital Emergency Department for emergencies.

Our Doctors are on the road:
Weekdays: from 6pm 
Saturdays: from 12 noon
All day Sundays and public holidays

Do we cover your area?
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