Our vision

13SICK, National Home Doctor Service is Australia’s most trusted network of after hours, home visiting doctors. Our role is to provide treatment of acute, episodic illness and injury to patients at home, when they urgently need to see a doctor, but their GP is closed.  By providing this service, we are supporting the family GP by ensuring their patients have 24 hours access to quality primary care. We are also helping relieve pressure on hospital Emergency Departments, delivering sustainable cost savings for taxpayers and better outcomes for the community at large.

Excellence in patient care is at the centre of everything we do, from our Doctors on the road, the Operators in our call centres, to our Clinical Advisory Group, comprised of senior Doctors who oversee all clinical matters. 

Our service, and the benefit it provides the community, is the envy of many in the developed world. With continued investment in systems and technology, and a growing team of dedicated Doctors, our vision is to provide an essential service all Australians can rely on and be proud of.