Agedcare Facility - Placing a Booking for an After-Hours Doctor

Our doctors continue to operate as usual during these challenging times. Please be reassured that we continue to prioritise bookings from Aged Care Facilities, but would ask for your assistance in enabling our doctors to reach your residents as quickly as possible and to carry out their work efficiently.

If one of your residents requires an after-hours doctor, please book as early as possible in the day. While our doctor’s rounds continue to start at the beginning of the after-hours period, your staff are now able to place a fax or phone booking at any time throughout the day. We would encourage early booking where an after-hours doctor is required and the resident’s regular GP is unavailable.

Fax-In Bookings

Many facilities find it easiest to request an after-hours doctor by fax. Bookings made by fax can be accepted earlier in the day and a doctor can be requested for several residents at the same time. If your facility would like to try booking in this manner and requires Fax-In Booking stationary, please click on the link below.

With fax bookings, please ensure that all sections of the form are completed in a manner that will be legible to our booking staff. If any of the information required is missing or illegible, our staff will need to contact your facility unnecessarily. Please take care in completing fax-in forms to avoid delays to processing your request and assigning the booking to a doctor.

Telephone Bookings

We appreciate that staff at Aged Care Facilities are often extremely busy and we operate an Aged Care Hotline that bypasses our normal booking queues. To place a telephone booking, call 13 7425 and press button 1.

Preparing for a Doctor’s Visit

Our doctors often visit a large number of patients during their rounds. To ensure that they can minimise wait times for all patients, we’d ask for your help with the following:

  • Once a booking is made and confirmed, please be mindful that our doctor will be arriving at your facility. We’d ask that staff listen out for the After Hours bell or buzzer and provide access for doctors as quickly as possible. We appreciate that unexpected events may sometimes contribute to a short delay, but please try to enable access as soon as possible once the doctor arrives.
  • Please ensure that any documentation that the doctor will need access to is available and close to hand. This would typically include Patient notes, Care Plans and Medication Charts. If your facility manages any of these electronically, please can you ensure that doctors have access to these systems at the time of their visit.

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