Join the campaign to protect home visits

Join the campaign to protect home visits


13SICK, National Home Doctor Service provides an important service to more than a million patients each year. But did you know our service is under threat?

As part of their review of Medicare benefits, the Federal Government is considering:

• cutting the Medicare rebate for home visits
• reducing the number of home visiting doctors
• restricting and preventing providers promoting their services

These changes would make a home visit by a doctor out of reach for many Families with young children, older Australians, and people with disabilities and their carers.
If you care about your home visits, you can help by signing up to protect an essential Medicare service.

Without the after hours home doctor service, patients will be forced to visit the hospital Emergency Department, which are already under pressure. Others will simply take the risk of not seeking care when their GP is closed.

Our service saves taxpayers around $180 million per year by easing the pressure on Emergency Departments.

Thank for your support. Together, we can protect home visits.







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