urgent care medicine  

A CPD Program just for our Doctors

All doctors who join National Home Doctor Service are invited to join a special education program in urgent care medicine. The CPD program is focused on supporting your professional and personal development. 

The program has been carefully designed by a team of our Medical Directors, led by Dr Natalie Caristo, to address the unique challenges posed by providing urgent medical care in the after hours.

Our online portal allows you to access the CPD sessions in a virtual classroom at a time that suits you.

All of the program's clinical courses (and some of the beyond clinical) are accredited by the RACGP, and your attendance, whether face to face or online will earn CPD points.

Urgent care expertise

Practising medicine in the after hours calls for a unique set of skills and knowledge, and much of this is hard to identify until you are placed in the situation. That’s where this specifically designed CPD program fits in, with courses designed by doctors with many years of experience working in urgent care medicine.

Professionally, the program offers you a pathway to mastery practising urgent care in the after hours. Personally, the program offers a unique component that is focused on your well-being and developing your business, IT and leadership skills.

Supporting your professional development

The CPD Program supports the valuable work you do on the road and ensures you are continuing to build on your clinical knowledge and skills. The courses cover urgent care medicine specifically as it applies in the after hours (these are classified as ‘core’) and more widely in General Practice (these are classified as ‘elective’).

The Urgent Care CPD Program covers two clinical streams; core ‘Urgent Care’ knowledge and skills and elective knowledge and skills. 

Beyond the clinical

Being a doctor is not just about knowledge, it's not just about communicating with patients nor is it just about spot diagnoses and examination techniques. Being a doctor requires a range of skills beyond those used in a consultation. It requires you to do your own BAS and run your own business, it requires you to keep up to date with the latest software for smooth running of your practice and requires you to be able to look after yourself so you can look after your patients! This is where the ‘beyond clinical’ stream of the program comes in and transforms it into a holistic program for you.

Flexible delivery

We know our Doctors are busy and juggling competing priorities so a feature of the new CPD program is flexible delivery. The program will be delivered to you face to face and online utilising an interactive online platform called Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect allows us to deliver a virtual classroom experience which is highly engaging and interactive and allows you to participate from anywhere. All online courses will be recorded and you can access them anytime anywhere.

Accredited to the RACGP

All the CPD program’s clinical courses (and some of the beyond clinical) are accredited with RACGP and you will receive CPD points for attending them (face to face and online).