Our intrepid Doctor shares her adventures across Australia - March 2018

Nadia Clifton, Travelling Home Doctor

By Dr Nadia Clifton MBBS

Here we are at the start of our travelling journey - We are Nadia and Spencer, a GP and Teacher couple, and this year we quit our jobs, packed up our life and hit the road! 

We designed and bought a tiny house on wheels (a more homely type of custom caravan), a big ford F250 truck and are destined to travel around Australia. We decided to work with National Home Doctor service as there was flexible work options and great work/life balance- having the day free and working in the evening is very appealing! The day I had one of my first shifts, we went for a bike ride around the beautiful chittaway bay - and Banjo our fur-child ( a cavoodle ) even came along for the ride.

We had a tough 2017 with family and personal illness. I was in an accident in which my hand and wrist was severed, slicing through 4 tendons, an artery and my median nerve (ouch!). After many hours of reconstructive surgery and 6 months of painful and intensive rehabilitation, I’ve since learnt to move my fingers, write and work again - although rehab is continuing! This all brought us to say - hey life is too short! And if you don’t follow your dreams, then no-one will do it for you. 

Some would ask us why wouldn’t you just get a caravan? Just look at this tiny house! We’ve been following the tiny house movement for a long time overseas and were really drawn to the idea of living within our means both financially and environmentally. We are also obsessed with traveling around the world but we would love to see more of our own backyard. We married the two ideas together to design a traveling tiny house, and found an awesome architect/builder who shared our vision and believed in us enough to give it a good crack! We say we have ‘taken a year off’ but in truth we don’t have an exact time frame. With a rig so big we will be going slow and might even go for longer, unless we drive each other bonkers. 

We have been minimising our possessions down for some time, with the help of us finding the concept of  ‘minimalism’ a little while ago. Minimalism is about pairing down your possessions, things and clutter to focus on the most important things in life. You can then only be surrounded by things that bring value to your life.

We are currently parked on an organic farm on the Central Coast of NSW, working evenings visiting sick children, the elderly and patients of all ages helping treat gastro, fever, respiratory tract illnesses, pain and everything in between. We’re off to Newcastle and the hunter region in the next few weeks in the search of good waves and good wine.