A message from Dr Natalie Caristo

Dear Doctors, 

Throughout my career I have been constantly surprised by the importance of professional development. I distinctly remember thinking at the end of medical school, after months of preparing for final exams, that this would be the peak of my medical knowledge. However, by the end of the first day of internship, it dawned on me just how much I still had to learn to apply that knowledge clinically when managing pain or electrolyte disturbances.

Again, I remember entering general practice after a 12 month rotation in obstetrics and paediatrics and feeling confident in those areas. Then, after only one day’s worth of consultations, I realised that I didn’t know simple things like how often a breastfed baby should poo or how to treat a depressed mother and quickly realised that there was still much to learn.

Each time, I found that a balance of enrolling in structured education, as well as seeking counsel from those with more experience, drastically increased my confidence in my clinical practice. So whether it comes from other Doctors or from structured education, in medicine, there is no way to escape the need for continuous learning.

With this new CPD Program, designed by the National Home Doctor Medical Directors, we aim to address some of the many challenges of working as an after hours Doctor. With professional, clinical and personal issues covered, I think you will find there’s a course that will interest you!

I look forward to welcoming you to the Urgent Care Medicine CPD Program for 2017-19.

Kind regards,

Dr Natalie Caristo