Urgent Care Medicine CPD courses 2017-2019

There will be over 40 courses delivered across the triennium (both face to face and online). Below is sample (not exhaustive) of the types of courses being offered across the three streams of the program:

1st Stream: core ‘Urgent Care’ knowledge and skills

Common respiratory complaints
Common musculoskeletal complaints
Common paediatric problems
Common skin conditions and rashes
Management of common emergencies
Common surgical complaints
Common infections
Mental health in the after hours
Consultation communication skills
Effective clinical note taking
Wound management
Staying safe while working in the after hours
Working from your bag, not your boot and doctor bag set up

2nd Stream: elective knowledge and skills

Palliative care and the last hours and days of life
Dealing with children including non accidental injury
Pain management
Obstetrics and breastfeeding
Nursing home and geriatric patients
Eye issues
Common ethical dilemmas
Sports injuries
Mental health (general)
Management of diabetes and hypertension
Basic chronic diseases
Patient examination techniques – eye and ear examinations
Accessing point of care tools
How to avoid complaints
Quality and patient safety improvement

3rd Stream: ‘Beyond Clinical’ – four areas of focus:

Be balanced
Introduction to mindfulness as an avenue to achieving balance and personal wellbeing
Mindfulness to enhance effectiveness on the road
Mindfulness to reduce stress at work and home
Practical meditation

Be business savvy

The business basics – turning challenges into opportunities
Wealth management – create wealth through diversification

Be IT savvy
Being IT savvy on the road
Exploring the IT toolkit to support you on the road
Effective use of the Microsoft Office suite

Be a leader
Leading through mentoring – effective facilitation of mentor meetings
Leading by example – effective mentoring of new doctors
Facilitating an effective case presentation
Becoming a doctor writer
The courses to be delivered in the triennium 2017 - 2019

This CPD program has been carefully designed by a team of our Medical Directors, led by Dr Natalie Caristo, to address the unique challenges posed by providing urgent medical care in the after hours.

A new online flexible delivery will allow you to access the program in a virtual classroom at a time that suits you.

All of the Urgent Care Medicine program's clinical courses (and some of the beyond clinical) will be accredited by RACGP, and your attendance, whether face to face or online, will earn CPD points.